our vision

Every part in the beautiful cosmos has its own unique place. Recognize this perfect harmony within yourself and in your relation to the world. When you (re)discover this balance, you can embody your power, take your space and share your light.

Cosmic Circle facilitates this process of cosmic awakening by organising circles, ceremonies, concerts, making art, workshops and beautiful retreats, meditation and offering individual sessions.

The foundation of our activities are these three core elements:


Our focus does not lie on learning more or doing more. Rather we invite you to remember your own wisdom. We do this by relaxing, by trusting yourself and life.

The simplicity of just taking a deep breath holds more wisdom than a library full of books. By doing so you can invite magic, without you having to control everything.

Breath in… Breath out…


We invite awareness of what is alive inside, regardless whether it’s beautiful or painful. Our hearts can welcome it all, and our breath creates space to give it our full attention. Energy starts to move.

This ‘Love’ welcomes all colours of the rainbow, all genders and nationalities, darkness and light, happiness and despair. To live from the heart, unconditionally being present for what is.

What do you feel now?


Music is way of speaking directly to your heart. Music can say what words cannot. We use sounds to bring you into the present, into your body. To help you listen to the now.

Expression through music is a big part of Cosmic Circle, through singing, dance, live music or music therapy. We combine our knowledge and intuition to create music that is exactly what is needed in this moment.

“I want to sing like the birds sing, not worrying about who hears or what they think.”

― Rumi


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